April is National Car Care Month!

April is National Car Care Month, and that means it’s time to give your vehicle some much-needed attention. These seven awesome car care tips are all you need to make your vehicle look like it was cleaned and maintained by the pros.


1. Regular fluid checks and scheduled oil changes can be the difference between your vehicle driving for 75,000 miles or 300,000. Use high-end oils, brake fluid and grease to ensure your tried and true vehicle stays on the road longer.


2. Flush your cooling system and change your vehicle’s coolant once a year. Use a 50/50 mix of coolant and water to keep your cooling system running properly and to prevent corrosion.


3. Keep your vehicle clean. Washing the exterior of your vehicle does more than make it look good. Always hose away road grime and salt on all sides of your vehicle, especially the underside.


4. Apply a quality coat of wax at least once every six months. Wax protects the exterior of your vehicle from wear and tear and ensure that your paint maintains its like-new glow longer.


5. Park in the shade whenever possible. It sounds so simple, but parking in the shade can prolong the life of your vehicle in many ways. Your vehicle’s interior plastics and vinyl will benefit from UV protectant solutions, and you’ll avoid costly repairs.


6. Use non-acid-based cleaners on your tires. The professionals often use mixed acid solutions to clear away grime on tires. However, it’s best that amateur do-it-yourselfers use non-acid-based cleaners to avoid pitting and oxidizing on bare alloy wheels.


7. Always wash your vehicle by hand. Pulling through an automatic car wash is easy, but your vehicle will never be as clean as when you do it yourself. Use a car wash solution and sponge to get a deep clean that won’t harm your vehicle’s paint.

Don’t forget that you can always bring your vehicle to our experts here at Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, Texas. We’ll help prolong the life of your vehicle with scheduled maintenance, body work and more.

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