A DFW Chevrolet Halloween

Hey Dallas Chevrolet lovers, still looking for a Halloween costume? Take a page out of this guy’s book:

Not only is he a Chevrolet Camaro, but he is also a transformer!  How awesome is that?

We want to remind everyone that you’ll need to be on your best driving behavior on Wednesday night, as there is no doubt that you will see an increase in pedestrian traffic (mostly children) so keep your speeds slow and just assume they are going to jump out in front of your car at some point…that way you are always on guard.

And for you adults that love Halloween, be smart, don’t drink and drive. The police will be out in full force, and although your might have won the prize at the costume party, you aren’t going to fool any officer if you’ve had too much to drink.  Leave your new Chevrolet where it is and take a cab home.  Have a great Halloween DFW!

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