A Chevy Silverado with 510 Horsepower and 504lb-ft of Torque?

new chevrolet silverado dallas

Photo Courtesy of AutoBlog

Back in 2009, General Motors announced at the SEMA show that the famed LS9 engine – which was designed to live in the tight confines of the Corvette ZR1 engine bay – would be offered as a crate motor. Crate engines are ones you can purchase and place in any vehicle. However, they can be pretty pricey… which is why we haven’t heard of too many concoctions like the one I’m about to share with you.

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d get when you crossed a Chevy Silverado and an LS9 engine… wonder no more. A Houston-based tuner shop called Fastlane, managed to stuff this supercharged engine under the hood of a four-wheel drive Chevy Silverado. Though no one’s quite sure why, critics of all sorts agree that it doesn’t matter.

With at least 205 more horsepower and 169 lb-ft more torque that any factory engine you’ll be able to buy with the Silverado, this is bound to be one for the records.  Fastlane recently revealed a video of exactly what this pickup can do. Enjoy Dallas Ft Worth Chevrolet enthusiasts. I sure did.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

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