A Camaro Is Returned To Its Owner 27 Years Later!

I think it would be hard enough to deal with the fact that your car was stolen from you, but what do you do when it’s returned to you….. 27 years later? Check out the story of what happened to this man. I also think that after 27 years I would still want that Camaro back!! Something to fix up and tinker with!! Have you ever had a new or used Chevy stolen from you only to be returned? Thanks to Matt Hardigree over at Jalopnik for sharing this story.

Robert Andrews is getting a special Christmas present this year: the 1973 Chevy Camaro stolen from him 27 years ago, returned by the Santas at the California Highway Patrol. But who is the Grinch who stole it?

Andrews, now living in Nevada, reported the car stolen in July of 1983 in Santa Ana. It never turned up and he moved on with his life. The Camaro (not pictured) was missing until someone bought the car from a woman who said the car had been in her backyard for 15 years.

An inspection by the DMV pulled up the correct VIN and the car was turned over to the California Highway Patrol, who then contacted the Nevada Highway Patrol, who was able to track down Andrews after a month of searching.

Police plan to talk to the woman who had the Camaro as a part of their ongoing investigation into the theft. A few officers are hoping to save Andrews the trouble of taking the car back by offering him money for the car. (Hat tip to Panhardrod!)

[LA Times, Photo: Roadsidepictures]

At least these days if you have OnStar it is easier to recover a stolen car! We weren’t so lucky back in 1973.

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.

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