7 Tips Get Your Chevy Ready for Fall

Fall is here and though it hasn’t cooled off in DFW yet, it will sooner or later. Not to mention that you may need to travel out of town to colder climes. This means that you ought to give you car or truck a good once over and make sure that it’s all ship-shape for whatever the season has to throw at you.

1. Check Your Filters

Check the oil, gas and air filters. Don’t forget the cabin air filter. Your vehicle may require a different weight oil, so when you bring it in for the oil change, remind your service adviser that you need the oil weight for winter, especially if you will be traveling where it gets super cold.

2. Don’t Forget Your Brakes and Tires

It is important that brakes and tires – and the braking system – is up to par during the fall and winter months. Your tires should have plenty of tread on them in the event it snows earlier than you expect. Make sure the entire braking system is working properly. If the ABS light is on, be sure to have the ABS system checked.

3. Belts and Hoses are Important too.

Have the hoses checked for leaks and make sure they aren’t dry rotted. When it’s time to turn the heat on, you want it to work, especially if you are trying to melt the frost off the window. Belts are also important and need to be checked for wear and to see if they are dry rotted. Your vehicle may have a serpentine belt, V-belts or a combination of both. The belts run the air conditioning, alternator, power steering and the water pump. In some cases, the timing belt runs the water pump; if it is time to change the timing belt, have your service technician change the water pump – it’s the same amount of labor to get to either part.

4. Replace the Wiper Blades

Make sure that your wiper blades are fresh. Besides the rainy season in the spring, late fall and winter are the times when you want your wiper blades at their best. You need to be able to see at all times if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

5. Check the Lights

Speaking of being able to see, make sure that all of your lights are working properly, both for your safety and the safety of the cars around you. When visibility gets bad, accidents tend to happen if you can’t see or be seen.

6. Make sure the Defroster Works

Besides being an inconvenience in the morning when you just want to get going but have to wait on the ice on your windshield to melt, you also don’t want it to impede your vision while you drive, which can occasionally happen.

7. Have the Battery Tested

Take your vehicle by a service shop and have the battery tested. If it’s on its way out, don’t hesitate in replacing it. A busted battery at the wrong time can be extremely inconvenient, and if it’s cold outside, extremely uncomfortable while you wait for help on the side of the road.

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